Our aim

​​​​​​​We organise exhibits, artistic performances, conventions, multimedia products, educational courses, awareness and social campaigns, communication and publications. 

Culture in its every form and guise: art, music, literature, cinema, theatre, design, fashion, food, style. A love for good taste, pleasure and beauty. In essence, the whole extraordinary capacity to create, invent, innovate, transform and imagine.

Our goal is to create cultural products that exhibit Italian and international excellences, intercultural exchanges with other countries culture.

A unique concept: Italian Style Life.

We representing  different sectors: Music, Entertainment, Food, Fashion, Art and Design. Linking and gathering them to local traditions, creativity, business and innovation.

Our projects will be a unique international windo  to show in UAE the vitality of the best sectors that combines the major cultural and creative Italian handicraft, industries, LifeStyle and excellent cultural heritage.

The gatherings of our Event will place in the Best Luxury Hotels of UAE,  Fairs, Mall,  Main Events areas and Theatres.

Our Aim​​​​​​​