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Applications are now open for artists and curators to apply.
The Secret Gallery and That's Italian Event has announced that applications are now open for the World Art Dubai 2017 , one of the most significant art Fair in the World.
Artists are invited to apply with a proposal of original works that will be selected by our partner
Art Hub Group (the first artist community in Uae). We will choose only 2 or 3 artists that will exhibiting at Art Dubai 2017 rapresented by The Secret Gallery - which takes place April 12-15, 2017.
For more information about the rules and fee please write info@thesecretgallery.it
If interested taking part, please note that there is limited availability and a strict selection curated by the board of Abu Dhabi Art Hub (our official partner in UAE.) wich requires that the artworks must be in line with the standard od Emirates styles. The deadline of application form will be 28 February

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